Official Modified Super Weekend Results

Farley Speedway May 13, 2017

Modified Feature
1. 8 Kyle Strickler
2. 62 Hunter Marriott
3. 1ST Johnny Scott
4. 32 Chris Simpson
5. 30 Jordan Grabouski
6. 96JP Jeremy Payne
7. Z62 Justin Zeitner
8. 19G Richie Gustin
9. 20RT Ricky Thornton Jr.
10. 99 Jesse Sobbing
11. 05 Jesse Glenz
12. 1X Chris Abelson
13. 96J Johnny Saathoff
14. 15K Justin Kay
15. 30P Terry Phillips
16. 8H John Hansen
17. 5 Todd Shute
18. 23JR Nick […]

Farley Speedway “Modified Super Weekend” Fast Approaching

Farley Speedway “Modified Super Weekend” Fast Approaching


Farley, Iowa: The Farley Speedway is set to make racing history with the running of the “Modified Super Weekend”. This record setting dirt track racing event will be held Thursday through Saturday, May 11th , 12th and 13th. A record purse of over $225,00 has been posted for this ground breaking event which will […]