IMCAModified The IMCA Modified has been calling card of IMCA since their introduction in 1979, the Modifieds quickly grew to the largest division of race cars in the United States. Many of the best Saturday Night heroes will turn laps at local dirt tracks in front of standing room-only crowds from coast to coast and border to border again this season. IMCA Modifieds have earned a reputation for fierce competitiveness that is as unique as the open-wheeled car itself.
IMCALateModel IMCA Late Models trace their IMCA lineage to the late 1940s, a golden age of the sport in general and for dirt track racing in particular. IMCA Late Models of today fea­ture spec engine and tire rules that keep the division affordable and entertaining at weekly venues and in the Deery Brothers Summer Series, the premiere tour for the division in the Midwest.
IMCAStockCar The IMCA Stock Car has long been known as “The Class Too Tough To Tame,” IMCA Stock Cars are synony­mous with side-to-side and fender-to-fender excitement. First sanctioned in 1984, Stock Cars enjoy instant identification with legions of fans dedicated to the full-bodied division
IMCASportCompact The IMCA Sports Compact is another of IMCA’s fastest growing classes, Sport Compacts enjoy their 10th year of sanctioning in 2015. Sport Compacts are not race cars, they are 4-cylinder cars that race. This division is intended for the most entry level-minded dirt track racers, so it’s perfect for teenagers looking to start their dirt track racing careers.
IMCASportsMod The IMCA Sports Mod has become IMCA’s fastest growing and now second largest division, Northern SportMods of­fer drivers the opportunity to hone their open wheel skills at the lowest possible cost. Since 2005, the division has seen its numbers grow as tracks look for a class that allows budget-minded drivers to get on or stay on the track